Meet Erik

I am a professional storyteller.  Instead of using words, I share stories with images.  My aim is to capture the beauty of the human spirit in a natural, authentic and unforced way. I offer high-quality, professional photography as an artist who is passionate about this craft.

With years of experience and a background of training in film and photojournalism, I offer an analog aesthetic while utilizing the advantages of today’s modern digital tools. With an array of professional grade cameras and lenses, all situations and conditions can be beautifully captured.

I believe in providing my clients the highest-quality, personalized service possible.  That’s why my work for you goes well beyond the actual shoot. Beforehand, I spend time preparing, scouting, and coming up with an artistic game plan for each individual photo session.  I also know that things rarely go exactly according to plan (weather, kids, lost ring, missing grandmother, etc.), so I stay flexible, ready for anything thrown my way. After each event, hours are spent reviewing, editing, and putting the finishing touches on the resulting images to make sure they shine their brightest.