Professional Wedding, Travel, Commercial, Event Photography Services

Erik Kruthoff

What I do

I am a professional story-teller.  Instead of using words, I tell my story through photographs.  My aim is to capture the beauty of the human spirit in a natural, authentic and unforced way. I offer high-quality, beautiful imagery you can only get from a professional who is passionate about his/her craft.

With years of experience and a background of training in black and white film, I offer an analog aesthetic while utilizing the advantages of  today’s modern digital tools. With an array of  top-of-the-line  Canon DSLRs and professional grade prime and zoom lenses, all situations and conditions can still be beautifully captured.

Who I am

Growing up in Wisconsin, I learned to appreciate my natural surroundings while going on camping trips and adventures in The North Woods. I spent countless hours in the high school’s dark room, learning the art of photography; rolling, shooting, developing, and printing using black and white film. After graduating college, I spent the majority of my twenties working seasonally in Alaska, then wintering (yes, it’s a verb), working and volunteering in Central and South America.

After meeting my future wife in a log-cabin bar in Alaska, we spent time living abroad in Palermo, Sicily before “settling down” in Boston, which lasted all of three years. True to our vagabond nature, I now spend the majority of the year in The Bahamas with my wife and dog Romeo, while spending wedding season shooting in New England, Boston, Cape Cod area.

I am very easy going, unobtrusive and receptive to people and groups. At weddings, guests often assume that I’m old friend or family member as opposed to just a wedding vendor. Nobody wants a creepster, awkward, or attention-demanding photographer, right?

Do you want someone who is chill, gets the job done, and doesn’t need to be baby sat?

That’s me!